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Installation Download Deshaker using either link below and place the vdf file in the VirtualDub plugin directory and (re)start VirtualDub. (Keep in mind that many codecs etc. are 32-bit only and those can’t be used in 64-bit VirtualDub. Although the actual camcorder shake isn’t linear during the capture of a frame, it’s usually a good enough approximation to make the distortions disappear almost completely. The option to do the matching in pass 1 in grayscale mode was removed because of the new scene detector. The remaining (white) motion vectors are used for calculating the values (panning, rotation and zoom) for transforming the whole frame to look like the previous. Пример №1: Для начала разберёмся с линейным монтажом, т.е. резкой-клейкой и перестановкой кусков. Второе полезное нововведение заключается в более тесной интеграции с AviSynth.

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Zoom RS If rolling shutter is enabled, the zoom factor between (the first line of) the previous frame and current frame. Upgrading a Portable App Platform Updater — To upgrade your apps using the platform’s built-in updater, just select Help and then Check for Updates. Note: If you’re using any edge compensation (i.e. anything but None), your can limit the amount of zoom needed to avoid the borders by using lower values for Motion smoothness and especially Max. correction limits. Use this in combination with the discard setting above to control how much the vectors in the object you want to lock on (usually the background) may vary. Чем меньше значение, тем большее число пикселей будет считаться субтитром. But if you enable this setting, it can turn interlaced video into progressive video with twice the framerate.

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Smoothness for zoom stabilization and adaptive zoom are now controlled separately, so the usual zoom smoothness setting now controls only stabilization of zooming in the clip. As for controlling adaptive zoom smoothness, read more under the ‘Adaptive zoom smoothness’ setting above. Если результаты детектирования устраивают — ставим галочку «Detect and remove» в настройках фильтра. And if a block of pixels doesn’t have any real features that can be matched on, Deshaker may happily match on this similar looking noise instead. To avoid this, you can use this setting to ignore blocks that don’t contain a lot of color variation. Наложение фильтра — Video->Filters.., далее откроется окно. В этом окне нажмите Add (добавить фильтр), выберете фильтр, который вам нужен, нажмите ОК, отконфигурируйте фильтр. фильтр наложен.

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